System engineering – Innovation included

The same team involved in the initial planning of the system is also responsible for the project management during the engineering and manufacturing phase. The benefits are obvious and do guarantee that we adhere to your specific requirements long before initializing the actual design phase and production can be monitored accordingly.

Experienced welding operators, skilled mechanics and electricians do work hand in hand to install a plant according to your desire.

It is all a matter of dough. 
Dough is a very interesting topic: 
In the oriental cuisines, flat bread is a very popular type of bread, in Spain you have the pan rustico and barras, in Pakistan, they bake puri - the French love their baguettes and the Italians their ciabatta. 

As you are aware, dough is used throughout all cultures and there are all different kinds of recipes and the methods of production vary to a great extent. This presents an ever-changing task for the baking plant builders and our team regards these challenges as an opportunity.